Fr Nicholas Rausch OSB 1643

Olympia, WA


Supreme Knight: Carl A. Anderson

Supreme Knight
Carl A. Anderson



Council Officers


Current year Roster 2017-2018

Raymond Patron
Grand Knight

The grand knight is responsible for the overall welfare of the council. Elected annually by the council membership, the grand knight must provide thoughtful and inspired leadership to the council officers, the Service Program directors, chairmen and members of the council.

Officer Photo

Fr Tim Ilgen

The priest chosen to serve the council as chaplain will primarily act as spiritual advisor to the brother knights and families of that council. The chaplain should also serve as an advisor to the Church activities director and members of that committee.

Sam Contino
Deputy Grand Knight

The deputy grand knight is the second in command in the local council. He is also elected annually, assisted the grand knight in the operation of council affairs and is responsible for any duties assigned to him by the grand knight.

Greg DeVita

Financial Secretary

The financial secretary's important role is underscored by the fact that he is not elected by the membership but, his appointment -- upon the recommendation of the grand knight and trustees -- is approved by the supreme knight for a period of three years. The financial secretary's duties revolve around two key areas of council activities: financial records and membership records.

Joe Patnude

The chancellor is elected annually to serve the council in a variety of ways. Primarily, he assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight in the execution of their duties and takes charge of the council during the incapacity or extended absence of both. With the cooperation and support of the grand knight, the chancellor has the important duty of strengthening the members' interest in council activities.

Officer Photo

Tom Brignole

The recorder is responsible for keeping a true record of all the actions of the council and maintains all correspondence of the council.

Ted Trepanier

The treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping and maintaining records of all council funds and accounts. He is responsible for depositing money into the council's accounts and provides a certificate of such monies to the grand knight. He is also responsible for payment of all expenses.

Officer Photo

Ray Grothe

The advocate is the parliamentarian for the council. He need not be a member of the legal profession; however, he should be thoroughly familiar with all of the laws of the Order as stated in the "Charter, Constitution and Laws" and with the council by-laws. When a by-law is to be revised, the advocate serves as chairman of the revision committee.

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Thomas Tannozzini


The warden is responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property, except that which belongs to the financial secretary. He sets ups the council chambers for meetings and degrees and appoints and supervises guards for ceremonial exemplifications.

David Tannozzini

The lecturer is appointed by the grand knight to provide suitable educational and entertaining programs under the "Good of the Order" section of the council meeting. The "Good of the Order" may include such items as speakers, presentations on special topics, etc.

Bob Adams

Inside Guard

The inside guard attends the doors of the council chamber, checking on current membership cards before allowing entrance.

Don Spieles
Outer Guard

The outside guard attends the doors of the council chamber, checking on current membership cards before allowing entrance.


Michael Colosi
Trustee 3rd Year

The board of trustees consists of the grand knight and three members elected by the council. Trustees supervise all financial business of the council. They serve as auditors for the semiannual audits and oversee the work of the financial secretary and treasurer.

Officer Photo

Michael Reffner
Trustee 2nd Year

Trustee 2

Thomas Hruska
Trustee 1st Year

Trustee 1


Michael Colosi
District Deputy

District Deputy



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